Watchers - Hogwatch


For Hogwatch to work, we need watchers! We are hoping to recruit 200 people throughout our area. You don’t need to go out at particular times or sit and watch for hedgehogs. Just look out for them when you’re out and about at dusk or in the night, then fill in the form if you spot one. At the end of the year we will email all watchers just to check whether you’ve seen any or not – it’s just as important for us to know if there aren’t any in your area as to know there are.

So far we have

351 Watchers

Please sign up to become a watcher so we can see how many people are looking out for hedgehogs and where. Once you’ve signed up, you can also choose to get our email newsletter and updates about the project. You can also book a hedgehog tunnel to survey your garden or any other land you might have.