Survey Tunnels

Hedgehog survey tunnelTo get more accurate results for the number of hedgehogs in our area, we have bought 10 survey tunnels. These have food in the centre, a strip of inky masking tape either side of it and white paper at the ends. If a hedgehog finds the tunnel, it will get inky feet while it eats, then leave footprints on the paper on its way out. There are footprint identification charts, so you can see whether a hedgehog or another creature has been in.

We are looking for volunteers to put a tunnel in their garden for 5 consecutive nights. We are also looking for landowners who could put several tunnels on their land at once, or who would allow volunteers to put them there.

You would need to check the paper, inky masking tape and food every day and replace if needed. All the materials will be provided.

Please fill in the booking form below. We are trying to group the tunnels, so you would have one at the same time as other people who live close to you. According to research done by the Mammal Society, if we put 10 tunnels within a 1km square for 5 days and there are hedgehogs in the area, we have a 95% chance of them visiting at least one of the tunnels.

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Finding out where hedgehogs are and how many there are is a valuable first step to being able to help them. We appreciate any help you can give us with this.


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