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Silkstone Reports

If you have spotted a hedgehog within the Silkstone parish (includes Silkstone Common), please use this reporting form:

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What is the habitat of the area where you saw the hedgehog?

Can you tell us more about the habitat? (e.g. details such as pesticide use or how the area is managed. If you said 'other' above, please describe the habitat.

About the hedgehog:

Three watchers in Silkstone Parish each have a can of paint - orange, white and green. They will be marking hedgehogs this year (2016), each one in a different pattern. If you can identify which hedgehog you saw it will help us find out more about their night time activity and how many different hedgehogs there are in the area. If you couldn't tell if there were markings, everything else you can tell us is still very useful.

diagram showing positions of markings on hedgehogs

Please tell us which pattern and colour markings the hedgehog you saw had:
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Do you have anything else to tell us about the markings? (e.g. if you're not quite sure about their positions)

Was the hedgehog alive or dead?

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How often have you seen a hedgehog in this place?
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How old was it?
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How many hedgehogs were there?

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I give permission for this data to be sent to Barnsley Biological Records Centre and other wildlife bodies for the purposes of hedgehog surveying and preservation