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Report no sightings

We are currently compiling the Hogwatch survey results from 2015 and it is important for us to know where there are no hedgehogs. If you have been looking out for hedgehogs over the last year at a particular location but have not seen any, please let us know using this form


Please note we are only compiling results for the Hogwatch area

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(e.g. Hoylandswaine, Bagger Wood, the road between Green Moor and Oxspring).
This location will be listed on the website for interested people to look at.

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Can you tell us more about the habitat? (e.g. details such as pesticide use or how the area is managed. If you said 'other' above, please describe the habitat.

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I give permission for this data to be sent to Barnsley Biological Records Centre and other wildlife bodies for the purposes of hedgehog surveying and preservation

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