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Hogwatch Map

The sightings we have had of hedgehogs so far are shown here. Note that this is only a rough boundary, and we are interested in sightings close to this area.

If you have seen a hedgehog, please add the details on our reporting form.

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Barugh green Garden. 139 barugh laneThis is a large garden with access to fields and hedges ,The hedgehog had appeared to try and squeeze through a gap and got stuck on a tin sheet which unfortunately had cut its neck (tin sheet now moved and food being put out for hedgehogs).
Barugh Green, Claycliffe Road Garden. . The hedgehog was dead, it was flat to the road.
Barugh Green, Norwood Drive Garden. Back garden with perennials, bird tables, shrubbery and broken fencing.. Think it may have been a pregnant female as it was huge! Hedgehogs have been here for years and keep the slugs and snails down. They also eat spillage from the bird feeders (mainly sunflower hearts). I know they visit regularly as they leave their poo all over the place on most nights.
Barugh Green. Kelby Croft Garden. We have an area with trees and a hedgehog box but I am not sure if this is used as I do not want to disturb it. Tha area under the trees is a bit wild.. We often get hedgehogs in our back garden.
Barugh, Barugh Lane Garden. The back garden on a grass area. No pesticide, no slug pellets. None over the 30 years I have lived here.. I have always looked for wildlife over the years, if hedgehogs had been there I would have seen them.
Barugh, Barugh Lane Garden. .
Barugh, Barugh Lane Garden. No pesticide, no slug pellets. None over the 30 years I have lived here... I have always look for hedgehogs over the years, this year is the first year in over 15 year I have seen one.
Birdwell . .
Blacker Hill Every night we feed them, usually just one but we have seen two. We feed them hedghog food and dried mealworms, also we leave a bowl of fresh water every night. We think they wait for the food as they seem to come out almost immediately.
Camberley Garden. We have quite a mature garden, with lots of shrubs, trees and ground covers, the hedgehog was found by my dogs as i believe we accidentally covered up his entry into our garden when we did some work the day before. We found his little tunnel under the fence, un covered it and he went merrily on his way back though the fence into next doors garden.. No 5, travelling between gardens heading back towards woodlands.Mytchet, Glenmount RoadMy dogs are seen frequenting the location where he was found on occasion, i believe when the hedgehogs been in for a visit at night the scent is left there. So i have probably had him back a few times each week.
Cambridge Road. De Freville Ave, Cambridge, It was in a suburban area, running across the road and luckily I saw it and was able to slow down . .
Cardiff Hotham close, Garden. I don't use pesticides in my garden. I saw a larger hedgehog in my garden during the summer, so I stopped striming the edges of my garden and left an area of bushes to go wild for him. Now I've had the tiny one in my garden this week.. He was very small, wish I had taken him in now and called someone. He was fit and fast though. It was stuck behind my shed, luckily it was small and got out, but the step up to my garden is high, so I picked him up and put him on the grass, I gave him some cat biscuits... Not sure if he or the cats ate it.
Cawthorne Garden. Designed for hedgehogs.
Cawthorne Garden. Small garden.
Cawthorne Garden. . Orchard terrace Cawthorne
Cawthorne Garden. . Nightly feeding
Cawthorne Garden. Hog friendly garden resident hog.
Cawthorne Garden. In garden next to pasture. This hog resides in a large garden
Cawthorne Garden. . Two Adult One Juvenile
Cawthorne Garden. . Two Adult One Juvenile
Cawthorne Garden. . Two Adult One Juvenile
Cawthorne Garden. . at the Golden Cross garden at rear of house
Cawthorne Garden. .
Cawthorne Other. .
Cawthorne . . Cannon Hall park - on the grass in the rhodendron area approx 300 yards from the house.The hedgehog seemed unbothered by our presence and just appeared to be nosing around for food.
Cawthorne Garden. .
Cawthorne childrens play area. Behind the Spencer arms public house Pasture/meadow. The area is grassland and fruit trees. Iwas called to rescue this hedgehog during the hottest day of the year and when i found it she was grubbing in the grass. My first reaction was that she was in distress and needed care so we took her back to our rescue centre were she drank large amounts of water and ate piles of food. The following day we released her as she was up to weight.. Yesterday i had a walk up into the village and had a conversation with two artists who were painting and they informed me that a hedgehog had just gone past in all due haste. This started the big search in which I spent the rest of the day following other sightings, to no avail.Lying in bed last night it dawned on me who this hedgehog was it was Squeak who we had rescued last year after his mother had died along with another. Now Squeak was no ordinary hog as he slept at night and came out during the day I thought tht we had cured that habit, so now we have a hoh thatwanders around the village in daylight
Cawthorne Church Yard Church Garden. .
Cawthorne Hedgehog rescue and Care Centre Please to report of the release of hedgehog [Betsy] who went to a beatuifull garden in the village. All our new hogs have settled in and had a great supper last night and are now fast asleep. If anyone would like to visit give us a call on 01226791972 and we will arrange a visit for you. Our resident hogs paid a visit last night and had a good supper. Garden. .
Cawthorne Hedgehog Rescue Centre Garden. . Horatio the hog which we were asked by the vets to care for, it had been given a clean bill of health at the vets, started giving us cause for concern as it was not eating or drinking. We returned back to the vets for a further opinion and it was found to have multiple fractures to his jaw and we had no option but to put him to sleep. This confirmed to me that vets have very little knowledge about hedgehogs, but on our second visit we found a vet who knew her stuff and was nearly in tears when she saw the little fellow. If you have to take a hog to the vets please make sure that they understand hedgehogs as in our case it only prolonged this poor fellows suffering
Cawthorne, Church Street Garden. .
Cawthorne, Darton Road Garden. .
Cawthorne, Horncroft Garden. Large garden backing on to open field. Hog upset a poodle on its nights wee
Cawthorne, Orchard Terrace Garden. . Called Hoppy
Cawthorne, Orchard Terrace Garden. . Feeding at feeding station
Cawthorne, Orchard Terrace Garden. After the absence of hogs for 3 nights they appear again at Orchard Terrace..
Cawthorne, Stanhope Avenue Garden. A garden designed to encourage wild life. Feeding at feeding station
Cawthorne, Tivy Dale. Road. It was on the pavement near some grass, trees and leaves. I was coming home from a Halloween party with my family and we nearly tripped up over it!. I took a photo and would be happy to email it to you.
Cawthorne, to the rear of The Spencer Arms Public House Pasture/meadow. Play area for children ,grassy with some undergrowth. Broad Gates,
Chapeltown Road. Housing estate this road is a cul de sac. Last year I saw a hedgehog at night on grass/woodland at Charlton brook which is fairly close to my address . Seen a couple of times on Harlech close chapeltown outside my front door and neighbours drivewayA few days later I noticed a dead one at the top of the cul de sac which didn't appear to have been run over but had blood coming from its mouth. I haven't seen the one from my driveway since
Crane Moor Inn Garden. Our garden is about 90 feet Long and 35 feet wide. It has a small patio outside the rear door and and a small lawn. The rest of then garden is laid out with flower beds. lawns, rockeries and vegitable growing areas. We have a large pile of stones at the bottom of the garden. We have a small area of trees and bushes.. the rear garden of my house at 5, Mountain Row, Crane Moor Nook, Crane Moor, . This house is the end terrace T Crane Moor Nook's Junction with Pog Lane.Sometimes the adult would visit alone but on other occasions would visit with a smaller one which we took to be a youngster.
crossing minor road in east yorkshire to get to grassy area around a school Road. . i used to see hedgehogs around my locality far more frequently but this was the first one i had seen in ages
Cubley, Junction of Kirkhill Bank and Mortimer Heights Road. It was crossing the road (being stalked by a cat) from a garden to the grass verge near offices. All the area is well kept gardens etc. It was fairly large (and fast) I'm not happy that if I hadn't intervened the cat might have had a go at it!
Darfield Lombard Crescent, Garden. No pesticides. We have a large garden backing onto some fields which belong to a riding school. Regular sitings of hedgehog droppings on our lawn. The field is also home to wild rabbits and foxes. . Currenly keeping safe and warm and feeding regularly very shaken, cold and starved when found.
Dartford Garden. No pesticides used. They have made a nest under a very leafy plant but is very dense.. In my back garden. Princes Avenue, DA2 6NF We discovered a hedgehog nest. An adult and possibly two little ones. Unfortunately we think a fox got the adult but the two little ones are still there! Still there to present day 26 September 2015. Have been keeping a check of them, but since adult has died bit worried for little ones, they are not baby's but about half size of adult. Left cat food but not eaten but plent of slugs and snails do!! Can we do anymore to protect nest?
Darton Road Verge. Dead hedgehog at the side of the road. Fields on either side of the road. . of A637 Huddersfield Road, after Ballfield lane, before the brow of the hill. Fields on either side of the road.Wasnt able to add a marker to the map. perhaps you could do it?
Dead hedghog
DEAD ON VERGE dead on southern verge
dodworth Garden. well tended garden, no pesticides used. usual one that comes every night then the other night another turned up went to dish and seeing it was empty went on its way.it was definitely another because it was slightly smaller and was paler in colour round its skirt.
Dodworth . .
Dodworth . .
Dodworth, Bradwell Avenue Garden. . we are still feeding the hedgehog with mealworms but last week a rat appeared and ate some, so therefore we stopped putting them out for a couple of days but on sunday the hedgehog came about 21.15 so we put some in the dish and a few minuets later it reappeared and has visited every night since,we think its the same one as last year
Dodworth, Barnsley Road - two dead adults. Road. Busy road husing and shops either side. Runover
Dodworth, Bradwell ave Garden. well maintained garden, without pesticides. we have lived here for 7 years and always had hedgehogs in our garden . last winter one came on xmas day night then we didn't see another until this September .it visits every night usually between 9.30 and 11pm .we feed it with dried mealworms and tried it on hedgehog food but it leaves that , it also has water to drink. I have made a box for it to go into so hopefully it will hibernate.
Dodworth, Bradwell ave Garden. well maintained garden no pesticides. after having a few days away we were surprised that it came as usual to feed, but we think the one that was dead on saville road was also one that visited us
Dodworth, Bradwell AVE Garden. garden no pesticides. 2 hedgehogs have been coming for a few weeks now an adult and a much smaller one,the elder one has been knocking the other away from the dish so we are putting 2 lots of food out
Dodworth, Moorland Ave Garden. Let our dog out who immediately spotted the hedgehog so put dog back in and took a closer look. Hedgehog had been eating a slug by the looks of it. It was just at the very end of my drive beside my fence to the back garden. It was very quick and after a few minutes dashed off into next doors garden.. Just the one hedgehog, he looked healthy other than having mucky paws! Very quick and agile. Never seen a hedgehog in our year of living in our home so was very excited. I got your little leaflets from the flower shop in Dodworth. 🙂
Dodworth, near the junction of snow hill and saville road Road. .
Dodworth, Park Hill Grove Garden. The hedgehog is alive and appears ok. I have fed it some water meat cat food and some small cat biscuits. My husband has placed it using garden gloves in to an out house built for stray hogs. .
Dodworth, Strafford Walk Garden. Habitat: at the side of the garage where there is a wisteria and lots of leaf litter. Unfortunately there is a low wall and I have placed redundant roof tiles to help them get up the step because I was alerted to their presence by a calling note which now I know is a young hedgehog! First hedgehogs I have seen in ages and our back garden is adjacent to a field and ideal habitat I would have thought.. Mother and three youngsters separated by the low wall. but she got up and went to the one that had been calling out. Put some tiles down to facilitate access and left them to watch the tennis! One clambered up and joined mum Just been down and seen a youngster. Are they OK do you think because there they were in broad daylight?
Dorchester. Icen Way Garden. Large garden with cover and possible hibernation location. Minimal pesticide use. Often seen evidence of hedgehogs but only previous sighting was rescuing one from garage. Presence in daylight and very active possibly due to heavy rainfall previous day and therefor greater availability of food source.. Also seen dead hedgehog in road nearby in last month.
Dunford Bridge on road to Townhead, near junction of road to Harden. Road Verge. Near grassy verge and rough grass pasture. Roadkill
Essex Finchingfield, Essex CM7 4JU Garden. Outside our back door eating the cat's food. Our garden is unkempt (we're not gardeners) and the cat's food bowl attracts slugs which may have attracted the hedgehog. We don't use any pesticides because we don't garden. Unfortunately our neighbours are tidy gardeners and use slug pellets :-(. We will put out a dish of water in future as well as cat food to try to help the hedgehog.
Fullshaw Cross, On Manchester Road (A628) between Flouch roundabout and Millhouse Green Road. . It was near a farm on the left
Gower - Benson Terrace, Penclawdd, Gower . Edge of the garden that backs onto overgrown hillside.
Green moor Garden. Droppings of one or more hedgehogs seen recently on patio and adult hedgehog seen at 8:00pm on patio last night.
Green Moor Garden. Hedgehog friendly garden with shelter.. Adult No slug pellets. Reported on phone to Pete Riley
Green Moor Garden. Mature garden with extensive lawn and woodland area. Adult seen on lawn at night and multiple droppings
Green Moor Road. Road into village with gardens and farmland eitherside. The report was by phone to Pete Riley the watchers reported that they had been in the village for 13 years and not seen hedgehogs before - two dead on road one alive in garden. ...........................................
Grenoside, opposite primary school Road. . I found underweight baby 260g in road 2pm. Took to Janet's, was a female quite healthy but just not big enough. She's overwintering her.
haverhill suffolk in my parents back garden.they have been there for about 35 years but disappeared about 10 years ago and came back this year 🙂
Haverhill, feltwell place Garden. back garden half paving half grass they live under a shed have done for about 35 years, then disappeared about 10 years ago but came back this year..
Hawes Lane West Wickham Garden, Road. There are big private gardens with lots of trees (and bordering on a train track) then the main road . I had seen a hedgehog alive in my garden a few weeks before that, so I assume it was the same one.
Haywards Heath, Wivelsfield Green - Road. From house garden across road to farm land field.. First living hedgehog I have seen for years. I was so excited I stopped the car to watch him/ her cross to the field
Hedgehog faeces
High green Garden. normal garden near to arable land and woods. saw baby about 3pm then adult at 8pm
High Green, Oakfern grove Garden. . Hoggie found in neighbour's front garden. Was cold and breathing badly. Took it to Janet Mason (hedgehog carer)in Monk Bretton. Hoggie passed away overnight
High Green, Oakfern grove Garden. Organic veg garden and mixed borders and pond.
High Green, Oakfern grove Garden. Organic veg garden and mixed borders and pond. Ate meal worms from my hedgehog feede, watched it for some time
High Green, Potter Hill Lane Garden. My garden backs on to several other gardens. Most are divided by fences and hedges, but some have concrete based fences. I don't use any pesticides and definitely not slug pellets. The bottom of my garden is a little bit 'wild' with lots of bushes.. In my garden most nights - it comes down the path to my patio where I put out dried mealworms next to the water dish. Sometimes there are two - one large and one smaller one. They have visiting all through the summer. I have also put hedgehog house at the top of the garden (under some bushes) last winter.
Hoylandswaine Road. Strip of woodland by roundabout.
Hoylandswaine Garden. Garden surrounded by dairy farm.
Hoylandswaine bypass, in middle of road between Pye Flatts and North Wood. . .
Hoylandswaine, Renald Lane Garden. Garden and paddocks with shelter belt surrended by intensive farmed land with dairy herd.. First sighting for a long time. Prospect House Renald Lane Hoylandswaine
Hoylandswaine, The Old Vicarage, Haigh Lane, Garden. No slug pellets used Hedge border with field and neighbouring garden Small ponds Usually lots of slugs but very few so far this year. RSPB cranberry crunch hedgehog food put out next night which went, but don't know 'who' it was eaten by (could have been my dog)
In an open residential garden on Pen Rhys Mountain, Ystrad, Rhondda Garden. Open garden that backs up onto rough grassland and bracken on a mountainside. Often seen feeding on peanuts that are left out for birds. Several prints also recorded within a hedgehog survey tunnel that was left out over night
In Crowmarsh Gifford in Bellamy Way close to playing field. Large adult. I also saw one in our garden 2 weeks ago. ?? The same adult? Road Verge. Paved area in front of our house. Also seen yesterday afternoon in same area.. Having also seen droppings over the past few weeks in our garden, I have placed a hedgehog house in the corner of the garden and put a dish of hedgehog food in it every 1 to 2 nights. It mostly all goes over night. We have also seen 2 dead adults in the road within a quarter of a mile of us. In addition 4 days ago, I am aware some children saw a baby HH close by in the playing fields. Our row of house by default have a gap under all our fences.
In our residents car park just outside Colchester a village called Rowhedge Road Verge. It's residential parking in a housing development. A village setting 109 metres from a river .
Ipswich on a street in the IP4 area Road. Town, concrete, not much vegetation.
Kilve, Somerset Sea Lane Garden. A garden, no pesticides are used. Situated in a small country village. Saw three In our garden over several weeks having never seen them before in the twelve years we have lived here. We bought a night camera to watch them. One night we saw a badger on the camera and have not seen the hedgehogs (or the badger) since even though we still put out the camera and food every night. A neighbour says he has at least one in his garden.
Making its way along Old Village Road, Barry, round the corner from Romilly Park Road. Residential town street, close to a fairly large park.
Malvern Link Church Road Road Verge. Although this is an urbanised area, there is a hedgehog population that appears to use Church Road, Lower Howsell Road, and Summerfield Road, WR14. Malvern Link. We have hedgehog sightings in our garden from time to time. The hedgehog was probably 'road kill' - its not the first time I have seen a dead hedgehog on this particular road..
Millhouse Green Garden. Hibernating or asleep under a pile of leaves against a dry stone wall. In garden on Catshaw Lane Area recently cleared of mature leylandii trees. Recovered with leaves once discovered.
Millhouse Green Garden. Garden with lots of container grown plants. very occasional use of pesticides and slug pellets..
Millhouse Green Road Verge. Fast road with unmanged grass verges - gas pumping station on one side and permanent pasture on other.
Millhouse Green, Catshaw Lane Road Verge. On a farm track leading to permanent grass fields next to large walled garden where no slug pellets - altitude 250 metres. Farmer reported seeing others in same vicinity. .
Mirfield, West Yorkshire Garden. grassed front garden with a thick hedge..
Mytchett/Farnborough. Road Verge. Freeway A331 - On ramp (coleford bridge Rd). Dead between the on ramp and the freeway lanes. 🙁 Must have woken from hibernation and been disorientated.
Northampton Garden. A garden in a rural location, near farms and open fields.. First time we've seen a hedgehog in our garden, came quite close to the house. Very exciting discovery.
Northampton Winchester Road Other. Grassed area along the path way, with shrubbery along the edge next to the school fence.. at the bottom of the road is a primary school with a public walkway along side it. There are two patches of grass, the one directly infront of the school gate as you walk along is where we saw the hedgehog, close to the shrubbery on the edge of the grass area.it was lovely to see.
Northenden 1a st hilda's road Garden. . This is the third sighting. We saw it yesterday morning and also a week ago. We think it probably is the same one. It was in our back garden near the cat's dish at the back door.
Oughtibridge Garden. Established back garden, (untidy in places!) semi-rural, adjoining school field. No pesticide use at time. Seen approaching from adjoining garden - crossed lawn, shuffled around patio, climbed steps into flowerbeds and continued to next garden. One similar sighting last year - have noticed a decline in slug population last year and this. Have since set up a feeding station.
Outside the gate of HMP New Hall, Dial Wood, Flockton Road. In an area that has a lot of woodland and shrubs.
Oxspring - on Sheffield Road, B6462, between Roughbirchworth Lane and the junction for Bower Hill Road. .
Oxspring, Garden. In a small garden but surrounded by large areas of lawn subject to strimming and regular mechanical mowing. Round-up used for spot control of weeds. Seems to shelter under large conifer in corner of garden. . Sheffield Road areaLast year a family of hedgehogs lived in same location throughout the summer. Was seen again at 2130 on 09/04/2015.
Oxspring, The Willows Garden. Grassy front garden. This hedgehog was not sighted by me, but the information was passed on by a friend, who saw it in her garden.
Oxspring. Garden. . in my garden where I feed them in
Penistone 2014 in back garden 48 Ward Street, Penistone. Under shrubbery.Mother (or father) and babies. 2008-12: Every year back of 10 Church Street., Penistone. Just roaming around, chilling under garden bench/table. Garden. Shrubs. No pesticides.. These are 'historical' sightings:
Penistone Garden. This is a retired people's home, with individual flats. The grounds are managed by the owners of the home, and it is not known if pesticides are used. Phoebe told one of our badger group members who filled in a post card and gave it to me.. In Grounds of weaver's court
Penistone Other. School field. Mown, hedge edges, some trees. Out in the open in the daytime. Close to the edge between 2 hedges. Children were looking at it. Curled up in a ball. .
Penistone, behind cinema Garden. Grassy area.
Penistone, Hodgkinson Ave Garden. Also near side of road, woodland and field.
Penistone, junction of Penistone High St and Green Road Road. Urban road junction some gardens . May be a sizeable younster. Runover.
Penistone, lower unwin street. Road Verge. was next to shrubs at side of path..
Penistone, near football ground Garden. No slug pellets used . Large adult
Penistone, Shrewsbury Road Road. .
Penistone, Shrewsbury Road, opposite cinema car park Road. . Small one
Penistone, Ward Close Garden. . Feeding
Penistone, Ward Close Garden. . Feeding
Penistone, Ward Close Garden. .
Penistone, Ward Close Garden. .
Penistone, Ward Close Garden. .
Penistone, Ward Close Garden. .
Penistone, Ward Close Garden. . Feeding
Penistone, Ward St Garden. There are alot of leaves in my garden due to a small wooded area to the rear of my property. We often get hedgehogs in the garden. . In my garden, rustling through leaves eating slugs.There are some fully grown ones and at least one young one.
Penistone, Ward Street Garden. Trees, gravel, shubs.. (next door neighbour). In the garden. Mother and babiesNext door neighbour reported it to me
Penistone. Garden. No pesticide in area.Grass with small paved area with bordered with out of control plants, some flower pots and one tree. At the time there were plenty of slugs and snails.. I now leave out some water near the area where I spotted the hedgehog. After the sighting I In my small back garden in Sheffield Road, noticed a marked decrease in slugs and snails, ? hedgehog ? birds ? the dry weather.
Pilley Garden. Garden with plant borders and lawn. No pesticides used. Bird feeding area. . Rear garden. We had a hedgehog in the garden each night in August, but non seen in last few months presumably due to hibernation.
Pilley, New Road just coming out of village of Pilley Road. managed fields on one side of road and public footpath at side of industrial estate on other.. sad
Pilley, Rockley view Garden. Left our lawn then onto concrete driveway come out of our scrub beds the across drive into next doors garden area.
Royston, Rectory Lane, Fowlmere Garden. Scuttling across the grass in a friends back yard.It is a back garden with mostly grass but a few small shrubs around the border of the section. .
Scholes Garden. We have had a hedghog visit our garden over the last month and decided to build him a hedgehog home. we have been feeding him meal woms and catfood as suggested with some bird food and sultanas and he had become quite a regular character as my partner and i watched him through our patio doors only feet away. Over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of November we had not seen him, then sadly we found him dead on our front garden. There was no obvious cause and he looked in perfect condition. A sad day for us. One less of these charming little characters. The only thing we can think of is poison in some form from another from a garden he visited..
Silkstone Road Verge. Untreated grass with a few nettles.
Silkstone Road. Dead on Silkstone bypass.
Silkstone Garden. On lawn in back garden . On occasions we have seen 2 large hedgehogs in back garden. Our pet dog goes out into garden every evening 10-10.30 pm and seems to be aware there is something under the conifer hedges.
SILKSTONE Garden. On the patio. He was in the feeding station eating mealworms. Hasn't been seen for the last two nights.
Silkstone Road. . It has several ticks on it's face but otherwise healthy. Looks like an adult please contact me by Email for advice or help to remove ticks.
Silkstone Garden. We regularly see a hedgehog around our bushes.. n our front garden in the Huskar Close cul de sac.
Silkstone Garden. Bushes in the border, a pile of wood and gassy lawn (no pesticides used).
Silkstone Garden. In middle of lawn but we have a pile of old branches from shrubs we keep in case hedgehogs want to hibernate - perhaps that's where it has been.. We have a wildlife camera which we put outside most nights and this is the first sighting of a hedgehog on the camera. Seen them before in middle of the day etc but first time on the camera. Made it worthwhile getting the camera.
Silkstone Garden. On back lawn . Second night in a row, caught on our wildlife camera.
Silkstone Garden. General plants and undergrowth including ivy, hellebore and primulas. No pesticides used. General upkeep. There was some bird food on the ground. . This is the first this year but have had numerous sightings previous years. We do have a hedgehog house but not sure if it is used. Last year there was three hedgehogs at once with a couple mating.
Silkstone . No pesticides used, bushes around the borders and grassy lawn. (11 Huskar Close)This seemed to be a larger hedgehog to the one we saw previously. They seem to come regularly but we only spot them as the outside comes on.
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn. Seen on wildlife camera again. My husband moved the position of the camera in the garden for last couple of days so no sightings of hedgehog. Now moved back to original position and there he is! Seems to make his way to below the bird table.
Silkstone Garden. No pesticide used. Where he was seen there were evergreen shrubs. . In our garden crossing the lawn in Silkstone. We believe the hedgehog may be living in the hedgehog house we have. Just to reiterate we believe that the hedgehog is living in the hedgehog house. We have a bird table which attracts the slugs in an evening as they are eating the fallen seed.
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn.
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn . Caught on wildlife camera & video
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn. Cancel previous report of sighting, I put wrong time. Caught on wildlife camera at 03.46 hrs (not 04.40, that was previous days sighting time).
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn.
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn. No pesticides used. . Picked up on wildlife camera.
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn. Seen on wildlife camera.
Silkstone Garden. No pesticide used. Garden recently been dug over. The hedgehog was under a hoster plant. . under a hoster plant.Could be living in the hedgehog house. We have put some water outside the house just in case.
Silkstone Garden. No pesticide used. The hedgehog was below the honeysuckle. . In the corner of the patio in the back garden of our house near to some shrubs. The hedgehog was quite happy just waiting for the security light to go out.
Silkstone Garden. No plants around as the hedgehog was on the patio. . On the patio at the back of the house looking for food and having a scratch.
Silkstone Garden. . We built 4 hoggie houses in our garden last Autumn. We used to have up to 7 hedgehogs visiting the front garden last summer. We have raised some fencing panels and built the hides in the back garden where we put out food and fresh water for the hedgehogs every night. We have only seen 3 hedgehogs at the same time this year. We do see hedgehogs every night.
Silkstone Garden. Back lawn . We regularly see hedgehogs on our wildlife camera but last night we had a surprise - there were 3 on screen at the same time!! You can't identify a hedgehog can you so we never knew if it was the same one coming back 4 or 5 times a week but last night has shown us we have 3 - couldn't really determine their ages but certainly there weren't any babies, none so small.
Silkstone Arable field (crops). . OS X (Eastings) 429071 OS Y (Northings) 406167 Public footpath behind Mayberry Drive in Silkstone at the junction with Silkstone Lane.The hedgehog was seen on a public footpath along the boundary of a arable field. the Hedgehog looked as though it had been killed by animals although as it was reasonably close to road it may have been killed by a vehicle and moved to the area by a dog or fox.
Silkstone Garden. Came out from under the hoster. Not sure invite was female or a youngster due to the size. There is no pesticide used and it was around where the birds have dropped food off the bird table.. Believed to be living in the back garden. Came from the direction of where we have a hedgehog house.
Silkstone Garden. mowed grass and flowerbeds..
Silkstone Garden. . Back garden
silkstone Garden. Hedgehog food bowl near bird feeding area & wild border. Unmarked youngster
Silkstone Road. council recently sprayed road side with weed killer. mayberry drive and high StRan fast across road and round corner but then stopped at steps to chemist and hairdresser
Silkstone Garden. Found in front garden on the grass. Still there two hours later not looking very well. Took him to Allan and Anita at Cawthorne. He is dehydrated so hopefully we will have him back soon. .
silkstone Adkin royd, Garden. .
Silkstone Common 27 Moorend Lane, Garden. shrubs and hedge backing onto a small wood. No pesticides etc. Captured it on a night vision camera trap.. Garden backing onto Orchard Wood
Silkstone Common Garden. A feeding station in a corner of the garden between bushes and the hedge into the wood. Also near our pond. Also caught it on camera the next night 2014-11-04 at 2:24 and 2:52 . t was a tight sqeeze as I had narrowed the entrance to prevent a local cat from getting in. There are 3 cats that regularly patrol our garden (they come from across the road)We know it uses the pond as once it fell in and had to be rescued as we'd netted the pond - the netting is now rearranges so it can drink and get out if it falls in. I have some videos of it if you want them. Hope to get some better At the back of our garden in Silkstone Common where it backs onto Orcones over the next few days. I also have some from Jan/Feb 2014
Silkstone Common . . In Orchard Wood
Silkstone Common We had two visited 3 nights under the hedge and under the trampoline in the bark and logs
Silkstone Common Road. . Road victim
Silkstone Common Road. Next to converted barn - thick hedges alongside both sides of road. Arable filelds behind.
Silkstone Common Road. Main road through thevillage with garens either side- busy at times.. Remains only mostly skin and spines - road victim.
Silkstone Common, Garden. No pesticide use, little weeding, dense flower-beds, pond and block-paving, trees and undergrowth, shrubberies, native species, (foxglove, rowan, apple trees).. Garden of 15 Woodland Rise, Silkstone Common, S75, 4RP A local vets' assistant releases hedgehogs-in-distress which have been brought to their practice by members of the public , after they have recovered, into Orchard Wood, between Black Horse Drive / Moorend Lane / Woodland Rise. I suspect they are from this source.So far this year, seen on above date, then on 2015-05-15 and 2015-05-18
Silkstone Common, . Bit surprised it is still around, it looks quite large and doesn't use the feeder every night. As before, caught on a night vision camera _I've added it to the drop box. Garden backing onto Orchard Wood
Silkstone Common, Knabbs Lane Garden. .
Silkstone common, Orchard Wood Woodland. .
Silkstone Village Garden. . Eating meal worms & spike's hedgehog food at the food bowl.
Silkstone Village Garden. . The hedgehog had polished off the bowl of dried meal worms and was making a start on spilled fat ball feeders. I took another bowl of meal worms out for it.
Silkstone Village Garden. . Eating dried meal worms at the food bowl
Silkstone Village Garden. . Eating at food bowl
Silkstone Village Garden. . At food bowl fattening up on dried mealworms
Silkstone Village Garden. . Got home after dark to see hedgehog scuttling away from the dropped bird food.
Silkstone Village Garden. Wild border full of daffodils at moment. Hedgehog had access under fence to unkept garden next door.. I have marked the hedgehog on its right flank with a light red nail varnish with a bit of a shine -- jammy !!
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden near border, near hedgehog house. Have marked hedgehog with pale blue/green nail varnish -- Minty .......
Silkstone Village Garden. Garden near border.. No coloured markings therefore not the ones I marked with nail varnish in the last few days. By the time I'd gone back in to grab a colour the hedgehog had gone under the fence. Large adult.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden at hedgehog food bowl: premium dried hedgehog food & dried mealworms.. Security light came on & this time it wasn't Jammy. New unmarked hedgehog at feeding bowl & another hiding in hedgerow border. Feeding hedgehog marked on back left flank with "Lucky Lilac" pale pinky lilac colour. Hedgehog in border marked on back left flank with"Poolsiide Blue" bright sea blue colour.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden at bird feeding area where there is a lot of spilt seed, bits of fat ball residue on darden close to border & fences. I took a nail varnish out with me when I went to put our hedgehog food & mealworms but I'd already marked this hedgehog on its right flank. Jammy was back.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back Garden at Hedgehog food bowl. . "Lucky Lilac" & "Poolside Blue" whom I marked earlier in the week on their left flanks had come back for supper.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden . 1 juvenile with pink marking and one unmarked that I marked in a white silver colour called Silver Bullet
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden near border at food bow. Ran into hedgehog house when I went to mark him / her.. Seemed to be an unmarked juvenile.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden near border. 1 adult that may have been marked last year as still had a pale marking and a juvenile that appeared to have a pinkish markin on it. Jammy or Pinky from last year?
Silkstone Village Garden. Hedgehog house in border no pesticides pretty wild.. Unmarked adult hedgehog in hedgehog house rustling about in leaves & hay. I was putting a bowl of hedgehog food out about 7 ft away & he came running out of the house. Didn't appear to have any markings when I approached him so not one of the 5 hedgehogs marked in recent weeks.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden, wild border with 2 hedgehog houses.. I've marked this one again with a copper colour. It could have been Jammy or Lilac originally but hard to tell under the security light. Appeared smaller than I remembered it so will have two colours on right flank/ back end when it's spotted again. Was just putting hedgehog food out for them when I heard it rustling a couple of feet away.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden in wild border near food bowl with dry Hedgehog food & dried mealworms. One of my previously marked hedgehog who has visited before Jammy .. Wild border near stumpery, also near hogillo hedgehog house & bowl of dried hedgehog food & dried mealworms.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden in wild border near food bowl with dry Hedgehog food & dried mealworms. One of my previously marked hedgehog who has visited before Jammy .. Wild border near stumpery, also near hogillo hedgehog house & bowl of dried hedgehog food & dried mealworms.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden near wild border underneath bird feeding area, lots of seed & fat deposits on garden in that area near hedgehog house.. One large adult hedgehog previously marked as Poolside Blue with his smaller mate Lucky Lilac. Both marked a few weeks ago with nail varnish on their spines.
Silkstone Village Garden. Wild border . Jammy last seen 28/05/2015 (marked him with Copper also on 21/05/2015 ) Jammy on Right flank & Copper on back
Silkstone Village Garden. Near wild border at Hedgehog bowl (dried hedgehog food & dried meal worms). When I went back outside with camera Master Hedgepig had gone !
Silkstone Village Garden. Food bowl & running under fence to Whinmoor Way. .. Went out to look at Casually Cool eating at food bowl when another hedgehog scooted under the back fence through to Whinmoor Way. Looks like I've got another couple.
Silkstone Village Garden. Wild corner of garden in stumpery.. Hedgehog now marked with 4 lines of pale blue nail varnish. Casually cool us his name. Photos available if required.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden sniffling around at bird feeding area wher lots of fat & seed had fallen onto the garden.. Was just about to take out dried hedgehog food & meal worms but he was already there snuffling around bird food that had spilled.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden at Hedgehog feeding bowl (Spike's Hedgehog food & dried mealworms). Unmarked juvenile. Had a good nosh for 10 minutes before scuttling off.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden in bird feeding area where lots of seed/fat balls have been dropped onto the grass.. Casually Cool is his name, first marked on 8th June with 4 pale blue stripes. Very large Adult.
Silkstone Village Garden. Hedgehog friendly garden with hedgehog houses & feeding area. "Casually Cool" the blue marked hedgehog meandered across the garden & round the rockery/border, stopped for a long drink of water from a fresh bowl I'd put out tonight then started to eat wraps I'd put out for the birds then spilt birdseed. After about 15 min's I took out a bowl of Spike's Hedgehog food & dried mealworms & CC spent another 5 min's eating from that before moving on.
Silkstone village Garden. Wild border, no pesticides etc.. Juvenile, 1st Hedgehog I've seen since arriving back off holiday. Near bird feeding area where lots if l Fat balls & seeds have been splilt. Fresh water & hedgehog food & meal worms available.
Silkstone Village Garden. Wild border. Hedgehog food out. . Baby. Smallest I've seen in years. Very quiet & still when presented with mealworms & dried hedgehog food.
Silkstone Village Garden. Near hedgehog food bowl recently filled with dried mealworms & next to water dish.. Same baby that came last night. Didn't come with adult that was here earlier. Only as big as the palm of my hand.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden near wild border & bird feeding area. Adult that I've previously marked with 4 pale blue stripes - Casually Cool .
Silkstone Village Garden. Sitting in the hedgehog food bowl !!. Same baby hedgehog that I've seen 3 time recently. Sitting in the food bowl !!!
Silkstone Village Garden. Eating at hedgehog bowl near border - nice supper of dried mealworms.. Same youngster that has been visiting almost nightly for last week. He's getting bigger everyday !!
Silkstone Village Garden. Garden at hedgehog food bowl near bird feeding area. He's getting fatter on all the meal worms he eats every night !!
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog food bowl near where the birds feed & spill their seed & fat balls. The young hedgehog that I've seen most nights this week was at the food bowl and right next to him was a larger hedgehog. Youngster trotted off into the border but the larger hedgehog (mum ?) stayed next to the food bowl. The youngster is getting fatter daily !!
Silkstone Village Garden. Near border, at Hedgehog food bowl with dried mealworms. Youngster now marked with Buttercup yellow on right flank. Follows 10 minutes later by a blue marked hedgehog who I believe to be Casually Cool.
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog bowl near bird feeding area and in stumpery wild area. Buttercup the young hedgehog was eating at the bowl and another young hedgehog scuttled off into the corner
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog food bowl near bird feeding area. Buttercup the young hedgehog came for his tea of dried mealworms.
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog bowl near wild border. I was late out with the meal worms, within 2 minutes Buttercup was out eating his supper.
Silkstone Village Garden. Near stumpery.. Buttercup ate his tea then I found him at the stumpery. I filled his bowl up for a 2nd time with dried mealworms.
Silkstone Village Garden. Near wild border at hedgehog feeding bowl. Buttercup arrives for his tea of meal worms most evenings.
Silkstone Village Garden. Near wild border. Just Buttercup coming for his nightly bowl of mealworms.
Silkstone Village Garden. At water bowl near wild border. Pretty sure it was Buttercup but didn't get close enough to see markings as he scuttled off.
Silkstone Village Garden. Near wild border under bird feeding area, at food bowl. Buttercup came for his meal worms but scuttled off when I went outside / security light came on.
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog bowl. Buttercup came for his tea of dried meal worms
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog food bowl near border of garden and adjoining garden. Buttercup came for his tea as usual.
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog bowl near wild border. I put a bowl of mealworms out at 21:10 then waited quietly in the corner of the garden while the security light went off, after 5 minutes I heard a rustling from the border and he came for his tea. I watched (and heard) him munching for about 10 minutes till he'd cleared the bowl then he went up into the rockery & disappeared through the border.
Silkstone Village Garden. At bird feeding area near wild border. I put the dried mealworms out at 20:40 but Buttercup didn't come for his tea until it was truly dark at 9pm
Silkstone Village Garden. At bird feeding area/ hedgehog bowl. Buttercup came for his tea of dried mealworms
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog feeding bowl near bird feeding area & wild border. I took Buttercups tea out at about 21:05 then waited in the shadows about 10 minutes before he came for his tea. Very big bowl of drIed mealworms tonight so spent about 10 mins eating them before having a drink of water and scuttling back into the undergrowth.
Silkstone Village Garden. No pesticide. At hedgehog/bird feeding area where grass is overgrown & bird seed has taken root.. One if the hedgehogs was Buttercup as I could make out the remnants of yellow nail varnish on his rear end. The other was a slightly smaller unmarked hedgehog. They were both sharing the same feeding bowl. They both scuttled off when I went out so I put out another 2 full bowls of meal worms for them to tempt them back.
Silkstone Village Garden. At wild border. I took the bowl of dried mealworms out, Buttercup was already waiting in the border. 3 mins later he came out & had a drink of water then started crunching his supper.
Silkstone Village Garden. At hedgehog food bowl near wild border. I was late putting the food out so Buttercup was late coming out for tea.
Silkstone Village Garden. Back garden no pesticides. I put the hedgehog food out at 20:28 and Buttercup came out a couple of times.
Silkstone Village Garden. . Buttercup approached from middle if garden rather than border as I popped out to check on the cat.
Silkstone Village Garden. . Took a bowl of mealworms out then found the hedgehog was already there eating spilt bird food.
Silkstone Village Garden. . Eating dried meal worms at feed bowl.
Silkstone village, Huskar Close Garden. Front garden without pesticides. .
Silkstone, Fall View Garden. .
Silkstone, Adkin Royd Garden. Was on the patio area outside the rear door.. We have noticed over the last few nights that food we have put in our feeding station has been eaten. Tonight was the first time we have actually seen him.
Silkstone, Adkin Royd Garden. He is near to the hoster plant in the garden. . He was heading towards the feeding station we have set up in the garden. This is probably the same hedgehog we reported recently.
Silkstone, Adkin Royd. Garden. The hedgehog was on the gravel area of the garden.. The hedgehog came through a gap in the fence from neighbours garden. It ran up the side of the house and under the side gate into the front garden. It then disappeared under the pyracantha and california lilac hedge heading towards the road.
Silkstone, Broad gates Garden. .
Silkstone, Broad Gates. Road. The hedgehog was crossing the road and went under a garden gate..
Silkstone, Holwick Close Road. No. Seen hedgehogs here many times over passed years. Last year saw two on front lawn would have been springtime not sure of anything else about that time.
Silkstone, Nether Road, Garden. Hedgehog was grazing on our Lawn and looking like pulling up worms . One last night ...but we have been visited by two Hedgehogs regularly for last 2 weeks on our back lawn They courted and actually mated in our garden last Saturday night at 9pm , 25th April. We have lived here for 28 years and have maybe seen a Hedgehog 3 times on our lawn in 28 years. But these two have been regular visitros nightly for last 2 weeks. We are hoping for little Hoglets soon !
Silkstone, Stainmore Close Silkstone Garden. .
Silkstone, Stainmore Close Garden. .
Silkstone, Stainmore Close Garden. Front garden, lawn with a large number of hedges..
Silkstone, Stonelea Close, Garden. Border of back garden, no pesticides no slug pellets. Hogitat hedgehog house put out last weekend.hedgehog food put out last night & tonight.. My cat let me know that something was around. I could hear them when I went outside (possibly mating or fighting) took 2 iPhone pictures of them. One possibly had mark on it from last year when I marked one blue, one pink & one green with nail varnish on their prickles.
Silkstone, Vicarage Farm Court Road. The side of the road is bushes that are only lightly maintained by the residents, I am not aware of any pesticide use on this area. The area also backs onto the waggionway through Silkstone.. The hedgehog was unsteady on its feet and had 2 ticks on its back. I took it to Abbey Vets for a check up, they said it was healthy but as it was a juvenile it was not big enough to be released where it was found and it was taken to South Yorkshire rescue centre.
Silkstone, Whinmoor Way Garden. Back garden with shrubs to the border of Leylandii hedge, leads onto lawned area with small flower border. Water bowl & bird bath are in place, with several bird feeders hanging from bird table located within the lawn. . Single adult hedgehog visited our back garden on 3 out of 4 nights at a similar time (between 8:45 & 10:00 pm), entering the lawn from same shrubbery & returning the same way after a stay of several minutes. It appeared to have a pink stain (about 2inches wide circle) on its rear end. Photo available if required.
Silkstone. Garden. Lawn in front garden .
Silkstone. Road. Main road through village.
Silkstone. Garden. Under the cotoneaster hedge. No pesticides used.. It appeared that the hedgehog may be living under the hedge as it was settling itself in to the leaves. Only realised it was there as I could hear it rustling. Could be a different hedgehog to what we have seen in the rear garden as there is no obvious route to get from front to back.
Silkstone. On the junction between Mayberry Drive and Packhorse green Road Verge. At the bottom of a muddy track where water runs off farmers fields where I suspect manure and pesticides are used.. I heard some nursery staff one a smoke break talking about it on the other side of the fence, they were prodding it with a stick and wondering why it wasn't moving. I moved it into my garden in a box next to the compost and moved to reveal loads of worms for it and went online to seek further advice but when I went back 10mins later it had disappeared. I have an open but raised front garden and an enclosed back garden, with a hole in the bottom of the fence . I never use any pesticides or slug pellets so I was going to knock a hole in the wall at the other end to open it up to hedgehogs but I spoke to someone who rescues hedgehogs sometime ago who said they may want a space for one that couldn't be let into the wild. Coincidently; as I'd not heard from her and have recently seen hedgehogs in the area, I have been asking my son to help me break the hole through a wall, and he promised to do it this evening.
Smithies Garden. Medium sized garden. Small wild area in garden. No pesticides used. .
Sotham Long Itchington, Southam, Warwickshire, number 26 Garden. In the garden, there is a hedge at the back of the garden with a lawn and flower beds and a pond near the house, behind the hedge is a school field and fields all,around..
Springvale Road. . I will report this direct to BBRC as well. I was not able to make the marker work - must be doing something wrong! Please could you advise me? Thanks.
Springvale, by Argo feeds Pasture/meadow. By the trail. It was run over, probably by a lorry. Not sure of date
Springvale, West acre Garden. Family of 5 babies and 2 adults living in the bush in our front garden.
St Helen's, Barnsley Road Verge. . Caught 2 alive last year in humane rat trap
St Helen's, Barnsley Pasture/meadow. St Helen's Primary School field.
Stainborough Other. Cafe surronded by gardens, pasture and woodland. Probably foraging and got locked in.
Staincross, Thorne end road s Garden. Garden free of all pesticides and fertilisers. Small lawn. Large laurel hedge. Wood pile of old branches under trees between boundaries. .
Staincross,Thorne end road s Garden. Garden free of all pesticides and fertilisers. Small lawn. Large laurel hedge. Wood pile of old branches under trees between boundaries. . After the absence of hogs for 3 nights they appear again at Orchard Terrace. No sign of hogs in my garden i Stanhope Ave as yet
Stocksbridge Garden. Recently cut the grass on the back garden and heard sniffling on the grass, went to look and two hedgehogs were following each other making their way into a bush.
Stocksbridge Road. Seen on bottom of glebelands road .
Stocksbridge Garden. Garden at the back but looking out on to another larger garden and hedgerows etc where we think the hedgehog family live leaving them only a short distance to come to our garden every night to feed - the feeding area is also covered up very well in summer with summer trees, flowers and general foliage growth for the hedgehog privacy. We can see the family by looking out of our kitchen window. Seen another baby at the back of our house when feeding time for hedgehogs.Sometimes 3 come at once but now seen 2 adults regular and larger baby and now a smaller baby - so think I have a family of 4hedgehogs who we feed regularly with several courses and water every night. Family Stocksbridgevisit anytime from 2130hrs onward and are already waiting for me sometimes when I put their food out in the bushes. Continue to look after the hedgehog family and may they grow into a sizeable family unit.
Stocksbridge Road. Saw the hedgehog cross the road on Glebelands Road .
Stocksbridge 59 Glebelands Road Sheffield Garden. Our back garden has overgrown grass and is quite large. Heard a rustle near the bins while I was stood in the kitchen doorway and saw a hedgehog run past me and onto the front garden where the road starts not sure if it made it onto the road as it was dark
Stocksbridge Broomfield Road Garden. No pesticide used in this garden. Broomfield Road Stocksbridge
Stocksbridge Horner Close Garden. little woodland quite a few bushes in my garden. in my garden and has been coming to feed every night since march if its the same one i have named her Gert. I also bought her a bed but don't think she is using it.i feed her every night on hedge food or boiled egg, cheese, cat food but not fish based.Has not been since the date above so presume Gert gone to bed but march april she brought hoglet with her to feed for a short while
stocksbridge just of park drive Garden. garden and some open ground with hedges to the rear. They come to feed most nights and eat chicken,cheese,boiled egg,digestive biscuits and water we had two adults and now have a baby. Sometimes youngster comes on their own and sometimes mother and baby and sometimes all 3 come to feed. All are of a good size and doing well. I also buy special hedgehog food.
stocksbridge. Garden. garden backs onto a larger communal housing garden and other housing gardens. enough space for a hedgehog den and squirrels, birds etc. quite a decent size- fit adult i would say. from last year gert came every night just as it turns dark so we are looking forward to seeing gert every night again now until hibernation time. last year early on at this time we also saw a baby, but not this year, yet. . back garden - we call the hedgehog 'gert'. so 'gert' is back and confirmed from last year!
Stocksbridge. Not within the boundary but close. Road. Built up area, mostly housing and a school.. Seen alive, crossing the road. This sighting was reported to Graham Shepherd by a reliable friend. Between Stocksbridge High School and Red Grouse pub.
Stocksbridge.Oxley Park. I Park. There is a small woodland which is extremely overgrown with brambles.. walk our dogs around the swimming baths every night and have done so for a number of years. In 2012 I saw a number of hedgehogs almost every night during the summer and autumn months. In 2013, I did not see any. In 2014, there are the following. 1 large which I take to me a male. 1 slightly smaller which I take to be the female. At least one or may be two smaller.I have put several times a week, however this year it has been a little hit and miss, one week it is every night, and other week not at all.
StocksbridgeGlebelands roadS36 1BG Garden. our back porch eating cat biscuits from our cats dish. several at a time up to three on back garden different sizes different night running through September to October . they come for the cat biscuits and water we leave out for our cat
Swallownest Sheffield, have fed the hedgehog past couple of years, with specialist food. Found "him" eating the mealworms for the Blackbirds. Garden. Do not use any slug pellets, try to keep garden as natural as possible. Hedgehog "visits" through gap in fence. . Nice to see "him" there were once two "visitors" coming at a time but only one now.
Thatcham Garden. general lawn, veg: patch & a rough area with small bushes. in my garden I rescued 3 young ones on different nights possibly from the same litter , they have all been cared for & will be released in the springall rescued
Thatcham two together both large Garden. .
The back of elwick drive, West Derby, Liverpool, L11 4UW Garden, Pasture/meadow. Initially seen the hedgehog because my small dog was barking at something behind a plant pot. I put my dog back in the house and I pulled the back and saw the grey hedgehog curled up into a prickly ball. The hedgehog has probably come from the hedge at the back of the garden which was planted by the council six years ago and has increased in height and thickness. I replaced the pot back to its normal place and came back in as didn't want to frighten it. Have lived in the same house for 15 years but never seen a hedgehog here before. I will keep looking for it each night..
Thurgoland, Fir Tree Pasture/meadow. No pesticide/fertiliser for many years. Footpath mowed annually.. Footpath off Hollin Moor ViewHedgehog had been eaten, only skin/spines remaining.
Thurlstone large individual travelling at side of Royd Moor Road just before turnoff to Windsor Avenue
Thurlstone Kensington Avenue. Also seen droppings a few weeks ago in same area
Thurlstone Garden. Large mixed garden with shrubs trees and lawns. Areas of log piles and other habitat. Wet /pond area which dries up in summer Limited use of pesticides (Green fly pesticide for roses) I have an abundance of snails etc . I have had hedgehogs in my garden for at least 15 years but never seen more than on at a time. Dont know if they breed here. In Autumn I have found it curled up under piles old plants which I leave.
Thurlstone, Kensington Ave. Garden. It made a beeline for the mealworms which I had just put out in the hedgehog "house"in our front garden. No pesticides are used and the garden is largely unmanaged except for lawn cutting. There is plenty of shrub cover in the border and ways for a hedgehog to travel between gardens.. Have only seen in the garden once, but mealworms have been put out at dusk and have been consumed every night for the past few weeks, presumably by above hedgehog.Have also seen a hedgehog two gardens away a few weeks ago so it may be the same one.
Thurlstone, Kensington Avenue Garden. . This time the hedgehog was just outside the entrance to the feeding station, in the rain, waiting for the mealworms to arrive and when they did, it went inside to eat.
Thurlstone, Kensington Avenue Garden. Suburban gardens with low side fences with gaps in or hedges and quite a few trees . running between front garden of no. 22 and no. 20 Kensington Avenue
Thurlstone, Kensington Avenue Garden. garden with mown lawn and hedge. Low fence enabling hedgehog to move freely between gardens.
Thurlstone, Royd Moor Road near junction with Windsor Avenue Road. .
Thurlstone, Sandringham Close Garden. No pesticides used. Garden has grass, trees, shrubs and usual garden plants. Three sides have wooden or other fences put up by neighbours. 4th side has holly and hawthorn hedge, garage, and a fence with clematis. I saw the hedgehog briefly at dusk and it scuttled under plants. I think it was investigating the area where there is usually birdseed Earlier in the day I had noticed what I believe to be hedgehog droppings on the 'lawn'. Most years I see a hedgehog here once or twice, and droppings more often, but this is the first time this year and I have not seen one since.. See above. Back in the 80's ,when I had a dog which had to be given an evening walk, I used to regularly see hedgehogs on Kensington Avenue.
Vale road Garden. Our garden is very leafy and woody at the top with a compost heap at the top (which we don't use) we have a lot of trees, also leaves on the ground.. 1 rather large hedgehog on his own. We fed him some cat meat which he came out for so we could see him properly.
Watfrd The hedgehog was in our garden on Villiers Road. Watford. It was large and in good health. Our puppy found it and got his nose prickled. A lesson learned. Both were ok after the encounter with each other. We took a photo of it and then left it alone. Regards Claire Garden. Back garden. 100 foot long. No pesticides used. Everything planted is based around wildlife. Insect houses a small pond. Native hedging. Compost piles that don't get disturbed much. Will be adding a small meadow. . We don't really go down the garden at night time so don't know if the hedgehog visits regularly. We did have a family come into the garden a few years ago. But haven't seen anything near our back door since. We only know of this one because of the dog. I will keep a look out now and report any sightings.
Westbury On Trym, . Garden. Has been seen feeding on left over bird food on the last two evenings, not sure if it is just visiting or living in the hog house at the bottom of the garden. Doubtful it has been around over the summer due to the amount of slugs in the garden, when using slug pellets only use Growing Success ones. Once regular visitors but not now seen for some years until the other evening, hope it styas..
wharncliffe ave wharncliffe side in our back garden Garden. .
Wharncliffe side Garden. . we have 2 who we have seen regularly during the summer
wharncliffe side in our back garden there is 2 of them, i feed them with mealworms sometimes cat biscuits and give them water, hopefully we might have some babies
wharncliffe side Garden. My back garden.
Worsborough near Rockley Old Hall and Worsbrough country park Pasture/meadow. The field contained grassland that had been recently mown. . The hedgehog had been turned inside out.
Worsbrough Bridge, Croft Street Garden.
Worsbrough Village Garden. Hedgehog house under decking at bottom of garden. Last year had a hedgehog in garden which we fed and saw regular around 9pm each night but we think this is a different because it is smaller
Wortley Other. Car park surrounded by horse paddocks, a garden, farm land and Trans Pennine Trail. Hedgehog was dead beside a track but no signs of injury
YeovilSt Johns Rd Yeovil Somerset.. Garden. No pesticides. Overgrown border and hedge area. Also sighted on the patio.. I've only seen one but my neighbour said she heard a lot of noise in the garden the other evening so I'm wondering if it had a mate? The hedgehog is in the feeding box every evening around 9-30 and must come and visit again later as I have a feeding dish on the patio also and that's always empty in the morning. There are always several poos in the garden also.