Household Survey in Tankersley

Hogwatch sightings in Tankersley were low so a team  tried a new approach in May by doing a door to door survey.

Approximately every third household was asked if they had seen a hedgehog in 2015 or 2016.  Around 50 household were questioned across the whole village. Tankersley is a mixture of housing types with most having gardens and areas of woodlands, hedgerows and grass are present. Generally the habitat appears favourable to hedgehogs although some gardens were sealed with concrete or wooden fences and M1 motorway and  the main A61 pass close by the village.

Eight reported hedgehogs sightings in 2015/16  mostly one off and nearly all adult  hedgehogs. These have been added to the Hogwatch database.

What does this mean in overall population terms? We would estimate that there were between 3 and six hedgehogs in the area. This has confirmed that hedgehogs are present in the village but that numbers may not be very high.





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