Hedgehog releases

As part of Hogwatch, we hope to be able to release hedgehogs in suitable places in our area. There are local people with the expertise to do this.

Barnsley Biodiversity Trust, one of the Hogwatch partners, has been involved in hedgehog releases before and will bring their expertise.

When it is time for release it is important to:

  • Release the hedgehog back where it came from or as near by as possible if it is or can be made safe.
  • Release the hedgehog in a similar environment to that where it came from – for example an area with gardens.
  • Choose a location for release that has habitat that is good for hedgehogs – places to forage and shelter, safe for hedgehogs.
  • Release the hedgehog where there are hedgehogs already – this tells us that the environment has good habitat for hedgehogs.
  • Avoid areas that have active badger setts or where there are ground nesting birds.
  • Only release small numbers of hedgehogs in a single location.
  • Be prepared to watch out for the signs of hedgehogs thriving in the area after release and equally for any signs that it has not been safe for them.