Hedgehog friendly gardens

Hedgehogs will love your garden if:

  • They can get in. Can you make gaps under your fence?
  • There are hedges, compost heaps, log piles and untidy corners
  • You could even make a hedgehog box
  • You steer clear of slug pellets, chemicals and pesticides. Encouraging hedgehogs will help with your slug problem – they think slugs are tasty!
  • There is water – but they can’t get trapped in it. Can you make an escape route from your pond?
  • You check compost heaps and rough areas with your foot before sticking in a fork, strimming or mowing. In the late-Spring and Summer, hedgehogs like to sleep in long grass.
  • Check bonfires before setting alight – preferably move them, if they have been sitting for a while. They are inviting places for sleepy hedgehogs about to go into hibernation.