Could you do a tunnel survey this year?

Hedgehog survey tunnelOne of the conclusions from our report of 2015 was that we don’t have enough data in some areas and it is not clear whether that is because there aren’t hedgehogs there, or because they just haven’t been spotted.

A very effective way to work this out is with a tunnel survey. A tunnel survey involves putting 10 tunnels out within a 1/2km square for 5 nights and checking whether hedgehogs visit – this gives 95% accuracy in showing evidence of hedgehogs if they are there.

The tunnels have white paper, an inky pad and food in the centre and the hedgehogs are happy to leave us footprints in exchange for a snack!

We need to do some tunnel surveys in areas where there have not been many sightings – you can see this on our map. In villages, it would be great to put one in 10 different gardens for 5 nights. In the countryside between villages, we could put all 10 in one area with someone checking them if we have permission from the landowner. If you could put one in your garden for 5 nights, have some land we could put tunnels on, or could help us with a larger survey, please fill in your details on the tunnel surveys page.

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