Abused hedgehog taken in by Cawthorne Rescue Centre

Allan and Anita at Cawthorne Rescue Centre have had a very sad case recently, after they took in a hedgehog whose spines had been cut off. The hedgehog had been found in student accommodation at the University of Sheffield by a maintenance man and brought to them.

Allan said that the hedgehog, named Frankie by him and Anita, was terribly stressed, dehydrated and really traumatised when he was brought to them. Despite now being in a safe environment, Frankie still faces a long road to recovery and will need to shed the spines that have been cut so new ones can regrow, which will take about eight months. If his spines grow back he will be released back into the wild, if not Allan and Anita will keep him at the sanctuary and create a little safe area for him.

This story was reported on the TV news and in the papers, hopefully raising awareness of how cruel people can be to wild animals sometimes so that everyone can remain vigilant. It will also mean that people know where they can get help if they find an injured or sick hedgehog – please contact Allan and Anita on 01226 791972 at Cawthorne Hedgehog Rescue and Care Centre.

You can keep up with Frankie’s progress on his own facebook page, updated regularly by Allan and Anita.

Here is the story breaking on TV news:

The story has also had lots of coverage in the papers, from

The Yorkshire Post: Spineless: ‘Abused’ hedgehog in Sheffield student flats with prickles clipped

Express: Evil thugs cut off hedgehog’s spines with SCISSORS in case of ‘absolute cruelty’

The Star: Hedgehog found in Sheffield with spines cut off is ‘eating for England’ after rescue

And our MP, Angela Smith, has taken the case of Frankie to Parliament, to ask: “Can we have a debate, not only on the need to extend and increase the population of hedgehogs… but also on the need to increase protection for these wonderful creatures?”. This got a positive response from the leader of the House of Commons, Chris Grayling, who said the incident was ‘utterly unacceptable’ as he urged the relevant authorities to take the matter ‘very seriously’. He also said the Government would continue to look at ways to ensure there is ‘proper protection for animals in our society’.

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